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Vision Statement
The vision of Sunny Love LLC is to be a Midwest leading platform in assisting
women and teenagers who have experienced emotional and physical abuse with discovering a clear purpose and setting goals in their lives through motivation, preservation, and spirituality.

To provide victims of abuse with personal peer counseling that encourages open
discussion, helps clients cope with previous traumatic experiences, and gives advice
on using spiritual inspiration to build confidence for achieving full human potential.


An unbelievable personal journey. The author overcomes overwhelming adversity to a place of healing and spiritual growth. She maintains her focus on her kids and fostering a nurturing home life in the face of seemingly impossible challenges. ”Robbed of a Childhood“ is presented in a clear and real voice. For anyone interested in learning about the life of an abuse survivor and overcoming the odds, this book is a must read.
-Dr. Tim Hansen PhD
Riveting and Raw

Mary has a testimony that will benefit everyone.
Her life experiences and life journey is sad, brave and compelling. She inspires all to be courageous
no matter what.
-Hattie Bonds

A woman of strength and determination. Mary is
the most inspiring friend I
have met. Despite what hardships she has been through or what she may face in the future, she will persevere through life.
-Roxy Zenker
Freelance Designer