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Robbed of a Childhood, Raped by the System

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The nightmare began on day two for little six-year-old Sunny. That day she was sexually molested by her stepbrother, on a remote Tennessee farm. The abuse by her stepfather and stepbrothers didn’t stop for another five years, until Sunny’s mother loses her battle with cancer. When Sunny and her brother, Toby, are sent to live with their father and stepmother in Indianapolis, Sunny is once again thrown into an abusive environment where she endures abuse daily by her stepmother.

From Hell to Heaven

Sunny Love was inspired by the Lord to surrender her life over to Him through thoughts of heartfelt praises. After she realized that her soul had not been shattered beyond healing due to her shameful childhood memories of abuse. Not only did she find comfort by continuously praying, her mind stayed in a constant mode of peaceful worship & bliss.

An Incomplete Story of a Whole Person

An ”Incomplete Story of a Whole Person“ was written by Sunny Love several years after her first book ”Robbed of a Childhood, Raped by the System“ because so many of her friends asked why she had not talked about her transition from a life of abuse to a life filled with hope. What they never knew was that even though in her teachings she had taught so many others how to find stability in their lives. She was still at an impasse within her own frames of thought, never really understanding why she just could not seem to trust anyone. Finally Sunny shares that even though trust had been and continues to be an issue for her, she feels more complete and fulfilled than ever before.

Let's Get Real: Lessons Learned from the Field

Dr. Whitney's book Let's Get Real: Lessons Learned from the Field speaks of how for years she was on a mission to find out what it was she had been called to do. She knew it was somewhere in between surrender and total submission to self. You see, my friend, life is strange to so many of us at times it seems no matter what we do or how much we have, we're always seeking something else. This book shares so many different lessons learned while she was working providing direct services to those others were afraid to work with. A page turner you would not desire to put down, so Let's Get Real.